Since 1956, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County has operated under the belief that there is incredible potential inherent in every child. As part of the nation’s largest donor- and volunteer-supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County makes and professionally supports meaningful, one-to-one matches between adult volunteers (Bigs) and children (Littles), ages 6 through young adulthood. We develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people.

By partnering with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community, we are accountable for each child in our program achieving:

  • Higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships

  • Avoidance of risky behaviors

  • Educational success


Our volunteers (Bigs) are Defenders of Potential! They Create Possibilities for the children and youth (Littles) served through special, one-to-one friendships. An increased sense of belonging, enhanced social skills and improved performance at home, school and in the community are just a few ways our Littles show progress. The relationship changes the lives of our Bigs too as they are uplifted through giving of their time and talents to make a difference in the life of a Little.

Each carefully screened Big commits to being matched with his/her Little for a minimum of one year and may remain matched until the Little graduates from high school or turns 18, whichever is the latter. Many of the mentoring relationships continue long after their formal closure and in many cases become lifelong friendships. Together, they share experiences, accomplishments and concerns. A professional staff person provides supervision and support for the match, and works with the Big, Little and family to set goals for the match.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County (BBBS) also sponsors bimonthly group activities for both matched and unmatched Littles, including an annual picnic and pool party, ice skating, bowling, a Christmas dinner and other fun activities.


Through the life-changing power of one-to-one mentoring, BBBS is preparing Washington County’s next generation of leaders. There is no question that our amazing Littles will benefit our entire community for decades to come. By partnering with our Littles’ parents/guardians, volunteers, and others in the community, we have been helping Littles in our community realize their Potential for more than 60 years.

The mentoring programs offered by BBBS are evidence-based and have a long track record of success. Research has found that Littles served by Big Brothers Big Sisters fare better developmentally than their peers who are not meeting with a mentor. The impact is significant as they show improvement in their 1) socio-emotional competencies (e.g. higher aspirations, greater self-confidence, and better relationships), 2) avoidance of risky behaviors and 3) educational success.


Established in 1956, BBBS is an affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the oldest and largest mentoring organization in the world. Policy and program guidelines are established by our community-based board of directors in accordance with national program standards and practices.

Through professionally-supported, one-to-one friendships, BBBS has been Defending the Potential of children and youth in our community for more than 60 years. We have also Created Possibilities for our Littles, as they have seen themselves – often for the first time – as having happy and successful futures.


When you support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County, you change lives for children here in your community.