How much time does it take?

The average Big Brother/Big Sister/Big Couple spends at least a few hours each week with his/her/their Little Brother/Little Sister. Some prefer to spend the time all at once, and others prefer to see the child more often and for shorter periods of time. In the Site-Based Mentoring Program, Bigs meet with their Littles in school and spend 45 minutes to one hour to join their Little for lunch, play games and do school work.

How do the children and parents get into the Big Brothers Big Sisters program?

They usually hear about the program through friends, relatives, schools, counselors and other Bigs and Littles.

Are there any group activities available for program participants?

There are planned group activities every other month. These are entirely optional, but many Bigs & Littles enjoy them because it provides a change of pace and a chance to meet other Bigs and Littles.